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Lending a Helping Hand

It takes a Village...

Village Aunties is a free in-home help service for parents with new babies in Taupō.  

Co-founders Sarah and Leah set up Village Aunties after seeing many mum's different journey's after having their baby.


Sarah and Leah are both mum's themselves so know what this time can be like. They felt that a little extra consistent help in the home could provide much needed relief for the new mum and her family. 


They believe that it 'takes a village' and by setting up Village Aunties hope to grow a village of support for mums in Taupō

Our Village Aunties are all volunteers and parents themselves who understand the joys and demands of parenthood. They are all trained in first-aid and come prepared to assist with in-home tasks.

Our Village Aunties believe that the First 1000 Days of an infants life are the most important.  We know that love grows the brain and we are here to help you build your loving family.

Let us be part of your Village!

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